Community Budget Meetings Take Off on More Upbeat Note Than Last Year’s

And Kelsey Lynn Lester-Perry

View the Community Budget Meeting Presentation

Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry | NeighborWebSJ

Mayor at D10 meeting.

San Jose’s 2012-2013 Budget show took to the road in early April with the optimistic tone of an upbeat musical compared to last year’s gloom and doom of a Shakespearean tragedy.

San Jose Council Districts 9, […]

San Jose Volunteer Cleanup Wins $10,000 Award From USA Weekend Magazine

San Jose is one of three cities to win a USA Weekend Magazine Make a Difference Day award for the efforts of a city-school-neighborhood collaboration to rid an East San Jose area of graffiti, litter and blight.

Janice Rombeck | NeighborWebSJ

Volunteers wipe out graffiti.

The $10,000 award will be presented to the Strong Neighborhoods Program […]

Outdoor Smoking Ban Extended to Patios, Waiting Lines, Condo Commons

And Kelsey Lynn Lester-Perry

Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry | NeighborWebSJ

Patio smoking will be banned.

This summer, smokers enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail at a restaurant outdoor patio will not legally be able to light up.

The San Jose City Council voted unanimously to extend the ban on outdoor smoking to include outdoor […]