Community Budget Meetings Take Off on More Upbeat Note Than Last Year’s

And Kelsey Lynn Lester-Perry

View the Community Budget Meeting Presentation

Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry | NeighborWebSJ

Mayor at D10 meeting.

San Jose’sBudget show took to the road in early April with the optimistic tone of an upbeat musical compared to last year’s gloom and doom of a Shakespearean tragedy.

San Jose Council Districts 9, […]

San Jose Volunteer Cleanup Wins $10,000 Award From USA Weekend Magazine

San Jose is one of three cities to win a USA Weekend Magazine Make a Difference Day award for the efforts of a city-school-neighborhood collaboration to rid an East San Jose area of graffiti, litter and blight.

Janice Rombeck | NeighborWebSJ

Volunteers wipe out graffiti.

The $10,000 award will be presented to the Strong Neighborhoods Program […]

Outdoor Smoking Ban Extended to Patios, Waiting Lines, Condo Commons

And Kelsey Lynn Lester-Perry

Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry | NeighborWebSJ

Patio smoking will be banned.

This summer, smokers enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail at a restaurant outdoor patio will not legally be able to light up.

The San Jose City Council voted unanimously to extend the ban on outdoor smoking to include outdoor […]