Don’t Like New West SJ Library’s Bright Yellow? You Can Vote for a New Color

The westernmost San Jose City Council District has been without a library since August, and residents can’t wait until the new 10,000-square-foot Calabazas Library opens in spring.

Calabazas Library

There’s just one thing that some District 1 residents would like to have changed before opening day: The bright yellow color on a […]

Neighborhoods Commission Meets for the Last Time, Approves Budget Message

San Jose’s Neighborhoods Commission, which was created to strengthen residents’ connection to City Hall, took its last action as a volunteer advisory body with a unanimous vote on its annual budget message.

Commissioner Jim Cantore.

But that doesn’t mean the members will stop working for their neighborhoods. At least that was the sentiment of the […]

Budget Gets Unanimous Approval But Debate Over Spending Will Continue

Janice Rombeck | NeighborWebSJ

Bascom Community Center

For the first time in 10 years, the San Jose City Council approved a budget that was balanced without employee layoffs or huge cuts in city services. In fact, thebudget provides a small surplus that serves as a cushion to allows the city to open four libraries […]