Mobile App Outpacing Other Methods of Reporting Graffiti Tags in San Jose

In its first six months, the San Jose Clean app for Smart Phones has become the No. 1 method of reporting graffiti tags to the contractor hired to remove them.

San Jose Clean app

From December until June, residents sent 4,102 requests for graffiti cleanup using the app available for the iPhone or […]

East San Jose Teens’ Message to Graffiti Taggers: Stop Vandalism; Paint a Mural

Geraldo Lopez has a message for the tagger who marred a mural created by teens in East San Jose: Try painting one yourself.

Jesse Jones

Karla Arango repaints a segment of the damaged mural.

“They don’t actually have to be tagging and doing all kinds of stuff all over the streets,” Lopez said. “(They) might […]

Contractor Gets Mixed Reviews for First Six Months of Removing Graffiti for SJ

In the first six months of its contract, the company San Jose hired to remove illegal tagging, painted over more than $1.1 million square feet of graffiti, which was 42,000 square feet more than during the same period last year.

3,600 volunteers across San Jose help fight graffiti.

But Graffiti Protective Coatings Inc. got […]