Budget Hearing, Vote Set for This Week; Funding Proposed for Libraries, Parks

Not satisfied with the items included in Mayor Chuck Reed’s June Budget Message? Or like what you see? Either way, you have another chance to voice your concerns or offer your thank you’s at the final public hearing on Monday, June 11.

Dorian Silva | NeighborWebSJ

Seven Trees Library is targeted for opening.

The hearing […]

Contractor Gets Mixed Reviews for First Six Months of Removing Graffiti for SJ

In the first six months of its contract, the company San Jose hired to remove illegal tagging, painted over more than $1.1 million square feet of graffiti, which was 42,000 square feet more than during the same period last year.

3,600 volunteers across San Jose help fight graffiti.

But Graffiti Protective Coatings Inc. got […]

Public, City Council Views Vary on Restoring Service Cuts in Past Budgets

Budget Game bucks.

With the city’s projected budget deficit only a quarter of last year’s and cost-cutting fiscal reforms under way, the San Jose City Council’s first budget study session for included a topic not even imagined a year ago – restoring services cut in past budgets.

“We can begin to think about restoring […]